Convert Your VHS Tapes to DVD, USB or External Hard Drives

Archiving and Saving Memories

Remember your wedding video, baby’s first steps, the Sweet 16 birthday party, and the special family gatherings with parents, grandparents and great grandparents? These are moments you wanted to capture forever so that you could view them over and over and perhaps pass them along to future generations. When was the last time you used your VHS tape player. Do you even own one? Is that precious stash of VHS ‘home movies’ somewhere that hasn’t seen the light of day for quite some time?

If you want to hold on to those memories, you should consider converting them to DVD format. Why? Apart from the fact that VHS tape and players are quickly becoming obsolete, VHS tape is not the best format for long-term storage. Every time you play a VHS tape the video gets scratched and a little piece of the image is worn away. You took the time to capture these memories so take the time to preserve them.


Transfer memories to DVD

If you haven’t played the family home video tapes for a while, you may be terribly disappointed when you do drag them out of deep storage to discover that the magnetic film has aged. The tape can turn black, images can disappear, and the magnetic strip can mysteriously peel away or flake off when the tape is played. These special memories, and family milestones quickly become – just memories. If the tapes are not stored correctly, signs of video quality degradation can become apparent after as little as five years.

Before those precious videotaped moments are gone forever – take the time to have them transferred to DVD. Retain your family heritage and special moments for generations to come.

What can Hill’s Video Production for you?

We can convert and transfer your 2hr VHS tape to ‘DVD master’ with personalized direct to disk label and case for only $19.95 plus tax.

We also offer volume discount pricing – bring us 2 or more VHS tapes (2 hours or less) – we’ll transfer each one to a ‘DVD master’ with personalized direct to disk label with clear case – $12.00 per tape.

You might want additional DVD copies of your newly created ‘DVD master’. $7.95 each – this also includes the direct to disk label and clear case.

When the job is complete you have videos that:

  • Will play on virtually any DVD player, recorder or drive
  • Takes up almost no space on your shelf or in your drawer
  • Makes the perfect Father’s Day Gift!
This would make an excellent personalized one-of-a-kind gift that family will surely treasure.

Hill’s Video Productions minimum charge on all orders $35.40 with HST =  $40.00