Corporate Video Production

By September 14, 2015General Interest
Corporate Business Video for visual video engagement

The Internet has drastically changed the way corporations do business. Mobile devices have made it easier to connect potential clients to a company’s website and a well-executed professional “About Us” corporate video is an integral part of your company profile.

Statistics show that 65% of people learn visually, while 30% verbally. Most people will skim through written material on a website. A video production will get your message out there in the way that your company wants it to be seen, enhanced through the use of a web video which may include the use images, music and voice over.

Video is engaging and informative and an excellent business tool to promote awareness and familiarity of YOUR business. You can include essential company information in less than a minute or two. A short and clear business overview can include company history, key products, selling points, executive addresses and delivery of other business information. Keep in mind that nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing your customer commend your products and services.

Some pointers to keep in mind when planning your Corporate Video:

  • Come up with two or three clear messages and incorporate them into your video.
  • Decide who the best spokesperson will be for the video.
  • Where do you want to shoot? Is permission required to shoot at that location?
  • How do you want the information organized to keep the audience interested?
  • Deliver your key messages in the first 10 seconds.
  • Is there a call to action?

In this fast moving ‘Multi Media’ world we find ourselves in, your Corporate Video is a visual presentation tool that will be used to capture the attention of those who land on your home page.

Web video showcases your product and services to the world. Anyone interested can visit your website to view your video time and again – and of course, there’s viral reach; share, email, link, tweet…

Professional and creative – Hill’s Video Productions will help you to produce an outstanding video that highlights your business and all that it has to offer your potential clients.

W. Taylor