Hills video productions has enjoyed working with a number of entrepreneurial clients. Bin There Dump That is a residential friendly dumpster service that we have had the pleasure of working with for over a decade.  In addition to traditional training, we’ve worked with the Bin There Dump That marketing side.

Know how to deliver on target

We were given the chance to come up with a web based spot for Team Epping Curling which Bin There Dump That is a proud sponsor.  Creative was the concept of team work to winning and completing a task.  Captured in a half day with a crew of two (Ger and Rob).  In post Andy connected it together.  Mark provided the voice track then Colin finished it with a great balance of ambience, effects and music.

Looking for a clean sweep…we’ll be there!

Another fine example to Hill’s Video scope of work.  We were on the button with this one!

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