Mrs. America

This Mole-Richardson Co. Type 103B Boom Pole and perambulator were designed to follow the action on a set with ease and quietness. When the time came to disseminate the CHCH studio, Rob’s CHCH friends knew he had the studio space to take in some history that just couldn’t be laid to rest. This picture came from a CHCH Facebook friend Chris DeNardis, who said, ” This black and white picture would have been taken in the old carriage house behind the Southam Mansion which housed the station. The carriage house was the studio.”

October 2019 – The Boom Pole was used in the Mrs. America mini-series. The production was shot in Toronto. There were over 40 people on the set crew. Unfortunately when the unit was returned to Hill’s, one of aging strings snapped. Rob contacted Mole-Richardson Co. in California for original replacement string but the cost was implausible. Rob went on a hunt for the right width and type of string. He eventually found different types online and got the unit re-strung by audio engineer, Colin Van Hattem of Noizemaker Productions. If your Mole-Richardson Co. Type 103B Boom Pole rope breaks, different strands, widths and lengths can be found at “Quality Product Reasonable pricing Canadian made wherever possible” FUN FACT: The Mole Richardson Boom Pole was also used in the 2006 movie “Hairspray” as an era prop.