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Locations: Shot in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario

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Narration, on camera documentary, newstyle

Episode Format

Episode 1 – Introduction to web-series – Narrated Piece highlighting topics.

Episodes 2 – The Angle Project – With Doug Gilmour

Episode 3 – The Angle Project – With Becky Kellar

Episode 4 – Men’s Street Ministry – With Roger Boyd – Needy not Greedy

Episode 5 – Men’s Street Ministry – With Roger Boyd – The Super Bowl of Soups

Episode 6 – Healthy Reflections Canada – Dorothy Borovich’s Story

Episode 7 – Healthy Reflections Canada – There is more to Breast Cancer

Episode 8 – Conclusion – Highlight and how you can help in your community. Where to look in your community. In Concept creation process.

Series Synopsis

Hockey Legend, Doug Gilmore and Olympic Hockey Player Becky Kellar-Duke,  Both talk about Project Angel – Quite literally saving lives, by simply caring.                   

Roger Boyd of Men’s Street Ministry, The Super Bowl of Soups –  His story of helping the homeless, many of whom are mentally ill.

Dorothy Borovish,  Founder of Healthy Reflections Canada. Who saw the need for financial support to those receiving treatment for cancer.

Shot in Hospitals and on location in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario.

It’s an uplifting series inspiring people to do more. Series would be of interest to volunteers, hockey fans, caregivers, those affected by breast cancer.

Webseries Logline

Caregiver is more than a word. Meet the people who give hope where there was no hope and quite literally save lives by simply caring.


The Angel Project

This charity was founded in 2008 by Lisette Kingo after a visit to the Complex Care unit at Parkwood Hospital in London, Ontario. Many patients spend decades in Complex Care units in hospitals and will never go home again.  They include accident victims, MS, ALS patients and others who have been left without tools and the finances to fend for themselves.  They have been abandoned by their families and society. Hospital foundations are wonderful however they have such a large need to fill that the social agenda and Complex Care units are often left to the last.

Today The Angel Project fills that void for Complex Care patients at Parkwood Hospital and Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington.  Their team of volunteer caregivers are viewed by these once forgotten patients as “Angels among us”, giving hope where there was no hope, giving patients a reason to live where there was no reason to go, quite literally saving lives by simply caring.                   

The Angel Project – outline of pilot episode   

Transformation of a Killer

Set Up

At work, he was known as “Killer”.   Whatever the task, there was no fiercer competitor.  He wasn’t a big man but he had a huge heart and he was fearless.   Nothing could stop him. He lost teeth, suffered broken noses, concussions, countless stitches.  It just made him more determined.  The “C” on his uniform at work could have stood for “Courageous”.  It was an even more meaningful symbol.  “Killer” was the “Captain” of the Toronto Maple Leafs.


During his Hall of Fame career, Doug Gilmour earned the respect of his opponents and admiration of fans across the country.  Everyone wanted a piece of him, not just those hated hockey rivals.  Everyone!  He signed autographs, posed for pictures, chatted with fans.  The man was in demand, surrounded by well wishers wherever he went.


In retirement, Doug Gilmour has discovered a whole new world.   A world he couldn’t imagine existed. A world where people are lonely,abandoned, forgotten. It’s the Complex Care unit at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington. Yes, Doug Gilmour retired but he never quit.  He’s now a member of The Angel Project team.   The man everyone seemed to care about is now a caregiver, giving hope to these once forgotten patients. Even the darkest days are enlightening.  It has been both heart breaking and rewarding for Gilmour.  Clearly a game changer.  In the most important game on earth, the game of life, “Killer” is now an “Angel”. 


Men’s Street Ministry

Roger Boyd founded Men’s Street Ministry in 2016.  It’s a registered charity that helps  the homeless in Hamilton with food, clothing and something that makes them feel even warmer.  Love!    

Needy not Greedy – outline for pilot episode

It all started so innocently.  Roger Boyd was cleaning out his closet and decided to give the clothes to the homeless.  When he approached a man on the street and asked him what he needed, Roger was touched by the response .  “Can I just have a hug?,”  the elderly man replied.   In that moment, Roger Boyd  decided to start his own ministry.      

The Super Bowl of Soups

When he kicked off his campaign to help Hamilton’s homeless, Roger knew he had a winning recipe.  His homemade soup.   Every serving is heaping, hot and healthy.  No one can resist it, not even people too proud to take a hand out.  Hamilton’s homeless quickly came to trust “the soup guy”.   They could count on him to deliver a pot of soup and some sandwiches 2-days a week along with clothing and the necessities of life.

A Labour of Love

Roger confesses his Men’s Street Ministry is just a “band-aid solution” to helping the homeless, many of whom are mentally ill.   But at least it’s no longer a one man band.  A team of some 30 volunteers  help prepare 50-60 gallons of soup and 1,000 sandwiches a week.  Donations of clothing from across the city pour into the Ministry. The Minister of Hope now hits the streets 4-days a week spreading the love.         

The Secret Sauce

Roger says he accepts the people on the street for who they are.  And they have come to accept him for who he is, not just “the soup guy”. Roger Boyd is their “friend” and, far too often, the only person in their lives who shows he truly cares.    


Broken Shell, Unbroken Spirit

 Set up

Dorothy Borovich has been poisoned (chemotherapy), burned (radiation), butchered (mastectomy).  She is a breast cancer survivor.  Her body broken but not her spirit.   Afterall, Dorothy has always done things the hard way. She worked as a hooker to pay her way through university.  No, not that kind of hooker.   She was a “hooker” at Dofasco operating a forklift in the steel mills and guiding cranes with a crane hook. Dorothy remembers getting hooked herself.  Hooked on caring for others. She was just 5 when her father founded St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Hamilton, raising the money to pay for it and celebrating by burning the mortgage.  The occasion lit a spark in Dorothy’s mind.  She had a burning desire to care for others. Young people, old people, the mentally ill, the physically challenged.  No challenge was too much for young Dorothy.


And she took a hands on approach to caring for others in her professional life.

As a Canadian renowned physiotherapist , Dorothy has been improving the quality of life for those under her care for more than 30 years. Her devotion to caring and sharing throughout her community is well documented.  Dorothy was presented with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, named Burlington’s Citizen of the Year in 2016 and honoured as the city’s Distinguished Philanthropist in 2018.


But her greatest legacy may be the charity she founded to help other breast cancer survivors, Healthy Reflections Canada.  One out of 8 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, women and men.  Along with the emotional distress, there can be financial stress.   Healthy Reflections Canada bridges the financial gap for breast cancer patients whose treatments are not covered by provincial health care plans or insurance.  Patients who really need help when they are going through a fight for their lives.  Dorothy Borovich knows it’s a war. But with her spirited determination, Dorothy and her team of volunteers are doing all they can to help today’s warriors navigate the road to recovery because they care.         

 Healthy Reflections Canada

Healthy Reflections Canada was founded by Dorothy Borovich following her own battle with breast cancer. During her journey, she soon found that while government health plans, other health insurance coverage and other programs covered a considerable part of the major expenses she faced, there was a significant cost for her treatment, medication and prostheses that she was expected to cover personally. Fortunately, she was in a position of being able to cover these unexpected expenses. But she saw where others in her same circumstances, were not so fortunate, and who were forced to make life ­altering choices. Dorothy vowed to try to do something to help people in these circumstances, motivating her to establish an endowment fund under the name Healthy Reflections.



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