Video: Do It Yourself And Save

On our cellphones and tablets, we all have access to a camera as well as editing software and we’ve all heard the best way to communicate is with a video. With that in mind it’s easy to produce decent videos without any additional costs, right? So why not make one and put it out there?

Some people and companies want to hire someone who has experience making videos, that’s good for people like us at Hill’s Video Productions.

If you choose to involve others to making your video project, you need to establish an idea and a price range you’re willing to pay. Value is an important factor for hiring a service. However, quality is also an important consideration, which is why you need a range.  

But what if you need help figuring how to start? We can help set up a framework. Asking questions like do you already have a decent file of photos, graphics, and videos pertaining to your production? Then you might only need editing. Deciding whether you need to shoot something increase the value of your budget.

The more you know in advance, the better prepared you will be. Still some information will be a best informed guess.

Type and Quality

For most, the guess comes from the type and quality of the camera used, crew size and experience, length of time needed to shoot and edit. While they are all factors in creating your budget for production, it doesn’t replace the fit and feel of the team you are hiring. With our decades of experience, we can tell you through knowledge and experience that a production costing hundreds or thousands of dollars will share the same story, but the way that the two are shaped are different. And once you have your basic story outline and can share its details with others, you are ready to get it priced.

Above all, before getting a price, find several production companies you may want to consider working with. Video production is a tight community of craftspeople and we generally operate through word-of-mouth and endorsements. But, everyone has a web presence. is our website and you can click through it to find samples and ranges of video production. We hope you’d invite us to quote.

Remember that you’ll be offered different rates for the same job, however, purchasing a video production is not like buying a website template. But both are available to purchase on-line and offer basic fees, and both will get you results. It depends on the results you want. A good video production is customized, involving the art of storytelling and shot shaping, The more compelling the result is, the more you will get back as a result.

What a production company needs to help you get started:

Writing a paragraph or two to describe your project. Be aware of deadlines because some project ideas may take longer than others.

What are the highlights of your company?

Who is your target audience?

What is the key message?

What medium will you use to tell your story: An Instagram project is different from one that will be posted on YouTube or a company site. We’ve done both.

Get quotes from 3 different video production companies. Compare the cost and quality, as well as any other eye-catching aspects of competitor video producers and decide which one suits your needs best.

Best of luck with your upcoming project.