What’s that Hill’s van doing there…

By April 29, 2021Video

Rob and The Little White Knight was active recently. This time, the van
acted as a Digital Ingest Centre and Video Village for an ambitious 8K shoot.
Having Andrew, our DIT, conveniently located in our screener truck is the
perfect way to provide services while remaining socially distant. Keeping
the production unit as small as possible and minimized the number of crew/ agency/cast on set at any one time is key to running a successful shoot in this environment. 

Working in an older house, doors and windows were kept open to allow for
more than adequate ventilation while the inside crew was limited to
Director, DOP, Camera Assist, Focus, Audio, HMU and a family (who was an
actual family of three) safely working under the supervision of a on-set

We connected the client with a zoom connection with an unoperated camera on the set. Agency was actively involved while screening in the back yard in an open sided tent. Everyone was connected using an intercom app.  
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